Serve Ministries enable us to engage with our faith in the church, community and the world!
Our Church
In order for our church to do well, it needs to have volunteers, who are passionate about serving His church.
Looking for a chance to serve??  Please click >contact us!
Our Town
We believe God has places us here in Melfort for a purpose and we want to be faithful to that purpose.  So we continue to explore ways in which we can serve our Community.
Salvation Army – we encourage people to support them through bringing items to the Thrift Store

Food Bank – Several times a year we have food drives for the Food Bank

Camp Ministries – We are actively involved in helping out Stoney Lake Bible Camp and Torch Trail Bible Camp.

Benevolent – Once a month we take up a love offering to help/encourage those who are in a difficult spot.
As well we offer opportunities in the following ministries.
Our World
Supporting missions and missionaries is a huge part of what we as a church are about. This includes both financially as well as sending supports teams to be involved in a hand-on way.
Las Cruces NM – Soup Kitchen and Bible Studies by Mail Missionary support.
Kelona BC – Support Crew for a Bible Camp.
At PABC, we value a holistic and multigenerational approach to our faith.  We have so many ways for you to get involved, learn about God with people of all ages.  Our ministries fall into three categories, Click on the images to see what we are up to and where you can join us!