style="text-align: left;">Welcome to the Faith Path section of our Faith@Home website! Have a look at our welcome video! This will help you catch the vision of the importance and value that we place on the family here at PABC. Feel free to browse, peruse and download what you need!

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Welcome to the Kids section! Here are some ideas for some things to do with your kids to bring meaning to various activities like movies, meals and even ideas to redeem some of the time they spend staring at screens! Enjoy!

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Here's the Teenager Section! This is devoted to helping you dialogue with your teen over different things like meals and movies, and really encourages you to open discussion with your teen! God Bless!

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Welcome to the Holiday Page! We hope these lessons help you to bring some perhaps lost meaning to the holidays that we have! Just click the button to download the resource of your choice!

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Welcome to the Marriage section of the Faith at Home Website! Simply click on the button to download the document! Feel free to explore and take them all!

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Below is a series designed to REKINDLE your Marriage! Simply click on the button to download the Word document associated with the topic! Enjoy! rr1 rr2 rr3 rr4 rr5 rr6 rr7 rr8

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At PABC, we value a holistic and multigenerational approach to our faith.
We have so many ways for you to get involved, learn about God with people of all ages.
Our ministries fall into three categories,