Our History
In the early 1900’s some settlers to the Beatty district  of Saskatchewan learned they had something in common, knowing Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Saviour. There were no churches built at the time, so families met in various homes, praying for God to lead in establishing a house of worship.
About this time a lawyer from Melfort, Mr. O.D. Hill felt impressed by God to conduct evangelistic services in the area. Along with other laymen, he established organized meetings in 1928. Services were held in an Implement Agency, The bank of Commerce, and a hardware building. Soon, the congregation joined the Interdenominational Fundamental Church of America.
By 1943, the former pool hall in Beatty was purchased and was used as the Church building, with a personage at one end. On November 11, 1945 Beatty Gospel Assembly came into official fellowship with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. At that time their were 18 members.
The Lord blessed this assembly as year by year more people came to worship and serve him.  It became evident the pool hall was to small, so the church bought the lot next door and started construction on a new building. On December 6, 1953 the congregation celebrated the opening and dedication of the new church building.
Through many changes in the community, it was time to evaluate the effectiveness of the assembly. After much prayer and discussion, the decision was made to move into the town of Melfort. The church building in Beatty was sold , a lot was purchased on Park Avenue in Melfort, and construction soon began. In 1976, the congregation moved to their new location and changed their name to Park Avenue Bible Church. Through the 1980’s the attendance continued to slowly grow in numbers.
Before long, more expansion was needed.  The house next door to the East was purchased as an assistant pastors residence and office, with Sunday School classrooms in the basement.
As the congregation again experienced growth in numbers, they undertook another building project.  The church sold the house next door, had it moved off the lot to create parking space, as the church expanded West. The first service in the new addition took place on July 13, 1997. At present, the church features the new sanctuary, a fellowship hall & kitchen, a newly renovated nursery area, Sunday School classrooms, a “kids hall”, as well as a youth center.