PABC is pleased to announce the opening for the position of Youth Pastor.  Deadline for applications is March 10th, 2018.
Send resumes to:

Youth Pastor Job Description

We believe that our youth need guidance and opportunities to develop a meaningful relationship to God and to help to prepare for the challenges of today and the future in real life in society.


To provide a wholesome environment in which adolescents can discover themselves and God’s desired potential for them.  To give leadership to the overall youth program. Youth should be given ample opportunity to develop their spiritual character and giftedness.  The youth pastor shall lead by example in establishing a well connected discipleship program throughout the church, linking youth with other adults, seniors and youth in the church

Responsible to

The Youth Pastor will be directly responsible to the Lead Pastor.

Responsible for

1.  To model a lifestyle of an Elder and to be an example of attendance, participation and support of PABC.

2.  To report at church Ministry staff meetings.

3.  To be in prayer for the church and the youth.

4.  To develop and maintain a strategy of ministry that will be consistent with the overall strategy of PABC.

5.  To develop a youth leadership team that will include junior youth, senior youth and adult volunteers.

6.  To look after such things as a weekly Bible study, youth activities, and develop an outreach philosophy among the youth

7.  To be actively involved in building relationships with the youth including one-on-one interaction.

8.  Creating a network of connections and discipleship throughout the church between youth and members of other, older generations. 

9.  An annual financial report should go to the Administrative Board and to the Treasurer.

10.  Plan to meet with all the parents in a group, and as couples if necessary/valuable at least once a year and welcome their observations and input.

11.  To make Bible College Catalogues and other material available so as to encourage our youth to consider a school of their choice.  Which schools to promote should be discussed with the Pastor.

12.  To be involved in and to foster and encourage youth of the church to be involved in meaningful acts of service in the church and in the community.

13.  Consultation and evaluation of the Youth Ministry will take place annually with the Lead Pastor.

14.  To fill the pulpit when required to do so.

Note: This will take up 55-60% of your time and so the other 40% will be based on other areas of  youth pastor’s giftedness such as worship, children’s ministry, etc. 

Term of Office

As paid staff, the youth pastor will be accountable to the Lead Pastor.