Grow Ministries challenge us to grow in our relationship with God and each other.
Life Groups
These are the heartbeat of our community life together!  Living life together, walking with Jesus together; LIFE Groups are the way that we can ensure that you have a group of people to depend on, talk and walk with and bond with.  Meeting in groups that vary in size, age demographic, and study topics, we have a group that you can fit into to!  LIFE Groups meet on schedules that suit the specific groups.  For more information, contact Pastor Phil or call the church office at 306.752.2413. 
Family Ministry
Life for Family Ministries today often feels like a fever paced marathon that never seems to take a break. From early mornings to late night bedtimes, the day is often filled with activities that keep us running. Tucked within the daily schedules God calls us as parents to disciple our children. But when we lack the time, confidence and training to be the spiritual leaders in our homes, we find that discipleship ends up on the back burner.Our desire at PABC is to partner with the home in relevant, practical ways to provide you with the tools you need to spiritually lead your children towards full devtion for God.
We have added a HUGE selection of Faith@Home Resources centered on the family faith walk!!
Click here to check it out!
For more information, contact Pastor Phil or call the church office at 306.752.2413.
Growth Seminars (Adult Oriented)
Once a quarter, PABC will offer a discipleship seminar for adults.  Topics will be decided by Pastor Phil and the Grow team, and will endeavor to teach relevant topics from the Scriptures to ensure that the adults of our congregation are being fed good solid Scriptural meat about family life, personal disciplines, holiness, how to disciple others, and other aspects of the disciples life here on earth.
Saturday Sisters
Come for the whole day, come for part, whatever works.
Breakfast: (9 a.m.), Bible Study: (10 a.m.), Lunch: (11:30ish), Afternoon “Take some time”: 12 – 3:30 p.m.  The afternoon is when you can take some time to…relax, visit or do something you enjoy!
Contact:  Sherrie Glister (306-752-9796) or Cori Grabill (306-752-2623) or (306-920-7923)
Senior’s Bible Study
Wednesday’s!  All senior’s welcome.
Coffee starts at 9:45 am.  
Bible study beginning at 10 am.
Snacks and fellowship following.
Mom’s Time Out 
Thursday mornings at 9:45AM in Kids Hall at PABC, this group focuses on meeting the relational  needs of moms who want to spend time with peers who are experiencing the same ups and down, ins and outs of motherhood!  Childcare will be provided for your little ones, so that you can have time to focus on the Word of God, and spending time with other ladies.  For more information contact the church office at 306.752.2413.
At PABC, we value a holistic and multigenerational approach to our faith.  We have so many ways for you to get involved, learn about God with people of all ages.  Our ministries fall into three categories, Click on the images to see what we are up to and where you can join us!